Testimonials - Art Gallery SirK
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Customer reviews


”This page is full of wonderful pictures that are all so different, but each is a story on its own. Keep it going, great inspiration happens here!”

                                                                                                                      Nick Nicholson, Artist from Leicestershire,




”I’m so over the moon with Kristina’s artwork. My picture with lovely Elephants is the best and special peace of art in my home. All the best for you talented girl. Sending my love.”

                                                     Jelena Ulase, Administration and Engagment Officer at ICENI partnership, 





”Imagination and vision is pure perfection. Makes you think, smile and love.”

Gina Reeve, Registered Manager for Dementia Care,



“When Kristina presented us with a painting of an African Buffalo our breath was taken away. It captures everything we would have wished for. It has taken pride of place in our living room and we can’t help but smile when we look at it. This painting will hold a special place in our hearts for many years to come, to us it is not only a painting but a small part of our beloved Africa in our home. “

Emma Mills,  full time mummy,