Hey, Artists! - Art Gallery SirK
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Hey, Artists!

If this self-taught, full time mum can earn $1000 per artwork, think what learning her 5 simple steps can do for you!

If you want to start selling your artwork and gain respect in the arts community, which treats you in the same way as any other medium artist and without having to pay huge amounts of commissions to galleries, then this e-book is going to blow your mind.

I have something here for you that will open your eyes. Not one artist ever came across these simple, easy, (and FREE) tips in their life…and I’m going to show you how to OWN them, and USE them, in your very next step of your journey as a selling artist.

When I was out looking for help to turn my passion into business, everyone wanted to sell me the dream by telling me to think positively, to just put my wishes to universe and it will come back to me one day.. But I wanted someone to give me instructions and say, ‘’Here – DO THIS’’. Laws of attraction and manifesting is all good, but to turn something you love into something you sell – you need a strategy. As an artist, you MUST challenge yourself in order to grow.

That is why I have created these 5 simple steps for you to get started. How it works? After I started to exhibit around the world, including New York, Rome, Shanghai, United Kingdom, I have realised that to sell artwork it is used the same approach repeatedly no matter the country: and it worked.  If these methods are good enough for galleries, it is good enough for me and you.

Using these methods helped me start selling my paintings. Here is how you can start using them to: