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Acrylic Pouring Course

The one simple trick to eliminate muddy pour while getting cells each time that many artists don’t know about.

Do you want to get beautiful acrylic pouring results with cells and laces?

Do you want to avoid muddy pours and perfect the technique so each time you get a masterpiece?

Do you see so many suggestions and videos for acrylic pouring, but you can’t visualize or keep up with it?

Then this course is just for you. It is designed not only so you get all the information for a lifetime, also have access to the video so can do it live step by step with me in your own pace.

Get your confidence, know-how, skills, expert knowledge and clarity.

Why do I care so much?

Because when I started to up level my acrylic painting skills and learn new techniques without leaving the house, I came across to too much noise out there. Online world is filled with so much unnecessary things.

But I wanted someone to hand me an instruction guide and say, “Here, do THIS!”

So that’s what I’m here to do for you! To give you the guidance and direction I WISH I could have found in one place without massive costs when I was starting an acrylic pouring technique.

And I’ve created a course just for exactly that.

In this course you will learn:

  • What materials works best for acrylic pouring
  • How to choose colours using colour wheel
  • How to prime your canvas for acrylic pouring
  • How to mix paint with medium
  • How to proportion paint/medium without wasting it
  • How to eliminate muddy pours
  • How to get cells and laces
  • How to avoid cracking and crazing
  • Drying and curing times
  • How to varnish after the pour

You are only one click away from a better version of yourself!
You will get:

  • Lifetime access to all the information, written materials and videos, so you can do it step by step in your own time frame.
  • 16 Lectures, each less than 6 min videos. (An Empirical Study of MOOC Videos proved that from over 6.9 million video watches student engage twice better in less than 6min videos.)
  • Total of 30 min videos, delivering only the best kept secrets and discoveries, saving your time to become an acrylic pouring master in just half an hour.
  • 5 downloadable, 2 articles and other resources to keep, including terminology, best tips, cheat sheets and shortcuts. With different formats you will fully going to understand how acrylic pouring works and that’s going to help you to implement them on your artworks.

All of this for just $29.99

UPDATE: I came across of few discoveries in acrylic pouring technique since I created this course, by tweaking them helped me to achieve gallery ready paintings, that sold fast. I didn’t want you to miss on it, therefore i added a bonus page with tips and videos for FREE.

This course is just for you if you:

  • just starting up in acrylic pouring
  • have tried fluid art, fell in love with it, but struggle to get the results you want
  • want to learn new painting technique
  • want to take your art into a professional level

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?


I believe that this course is going to help you achieve your masterpieces and take you one step further in acrylic pouring, that is why i am giving you 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. 

Click here to get all of this for only $29.99

I will see you in there,