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Art Gallery Sirk
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Kristina Tonev, also known as SirK, has been painting since childhood. Her journey as an artist started young in the countryside of Lithuania and although she has experienced tragedy, the light and positivity of her community pushed her to follow her passion. As an adult, SirK traveled Europe, America and the UK before deciding to settle in England. Her curiosity for painting led her to private lessons where she honed her skills; she learned an acrylic pouring technique, that combined, with a unique brushstroke method became her signature style.

The landscapes of her childhood influenced her early works and SirK strived to create paintings that were bright and positive amongst the difficult post-Soviet Union setting. In 2017, she married and gave birth to her son Leon. The growth of her family deepened her love for the arts and is the inspiration for her current body of work. Her paintings have been recognized throughout the art community and have been the recipient of several prestigious awards.

Since her first solo exhibition at Carousel Gallery, Framlingham, UK, Kristina has exhibited in Rome, New York, Shanghai and United Kingdom, she has been featured as artist of the month by Dark Yellow Dot , London,  in May and September 2019,  her artwork was selected to appear in Issue 6  and 8 of Murze Magazine (artist-run platform focusing on new and engaging art). Last but not least, and a testament to her hard work, Kristina is now represented by Agora Gallery, New York, from May 2019, an internationally recognized art gallery specializing in contemporary fine art. 

When not in her studio, she can be found outdoors showing her son the magic of nature among other things.