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5 simple steps

How to start selling your acrylic pours that many galleries don’t want you to know about

Are you ready to start selling your beautiful acrylic pours?

Have you been wanting to get your babies out there for quite some time now, but don’t know where to start?

Creating website and hiring professionals seems all overwhelming?

Let’s be honest, most of us artists don’t have that extra cash laying about to spend it on advertising and promotions in the first place. Even if you did create website and put the most beautiful artworks on there it is not guaranteed that people will buy it, why? Because nobody cares what you have to offer, all people care about is how they can benefit from you. I totally get your frustration as I have been there myself, I thought my art is beautiful and I have been told all my life how talented I was, but when I started painting full time, I struggled to sell one piece. Until I cracked the code of what many galleries use, but don’t want artists to know about it, because it means more artists will go independently and stop using their services.

Here are 5 simple steps to get you on the right track of selling your art!

Get out there! Participate in competitions, artist calls, art projects.

There are lots of great opportunities which doesn’t cost a penny, but getting your name out there will build your profile, people will start see you more frequently, therefore attracting more new opportunities. Do not be afraid of losing the competition, do not think that you are not good enough or way too advanced for it, because it is no science in it, just an emotion at the right time and the right place. Remember the taped banana art? There you go, people are still talking about it!

Here is a couple of platforms you must check it out, if you want your name to be noticed in the arts world fast.

www.darkyellowdot.com – great artist platform, concentrating on helping emerging artists. You can apply to be featured as artist of the month in London and many more great arts projects with lots of free information for artists.

www.murze.org – popular arts magazine which every month has different calls and you get a chance of your art to be published in actual magazine with thousands and thousands of readers to reach. You never know who is looking at the other end.

www.zealous.co – All the best artists calls and competitions from around the world, gathered in one place, many of them charge as little as $15, most of them are free. You can find what suits you most.

It doesn’t have to be these exact platforms (by the way I am NOT the affiliate of those, I simply value them of how they helped me to build my portfolio). You can get the idea of how important to get visible is. For me it brought me new leads, I was invited in new exhibitions and art projects, which led into being more visible, which then led into more sales.

Stay consistent.

Once you put yourself out there you will be tested, everyone in the industry wants to know IF YOU ARE HERE FOR GOOD, or just trying something out and heading back to your room to hide and paint. That is why prepare yourself to hear lots of no’s. But if you stay consistent, keep doing what you are doing, the doors will start opening soon. Also, it gets easier after you get first feature or invite to do something arty, because your networking is getting wider and people start to trust you as an expert in the field, then you get more doors opening for you, like a snowball. To start that snowball – you have to get your hands on it and make it first.

Acrylic Pouring is more popular in America, Australia. For me to try and bring something that hasn’t been tested yet (we talking couple of years ago), especially to conservative country like United Kingdom, it was a big challenge, but I fell in love with technique, fell in love with results I believed it could make other people happy if I keep going. So the big part of all is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. It will show no matter what you do, if you believe in what you do – others will to. What I found works best for keeping consistent is not only mentioned above, but also running your social media feed and updating it at least twice a week, like Instagram or Facebook, that is how your potential buyers can find you.

Ideal client.

Don’t try to sell your art to everyone. Think who your ideal client is, who would benefit from your paintings. What is one problem that you could solve to them with your art? This is not about you; it is all about how you can help your client. For example, your paintings are bright and colourful on the large scale, maybe some bigger establishments like offices would really benefit from it by lifting their employee productivity. There are so many ways we can interpreter art, find yours, get to know your ideal client, what they like, where they hang out.. Then it will be easier to create the message what you are sending to attract buyer, because you know now who they exactly are.

Niche it down.

To start off – concentrate on one style and stick to it for at least 6months. Do not to try and do a bit of everything. Better choose one and become an expert in the field. Later, when you are more established, you can start exploring new fields as art is unlimited and so are your capabilities.


Yes, I know the costs of gallery space hire and yet there are big competitions to get in them in the first place. But you can start in your local library, or a coffee shop. To the rest of world: exhibition is exhibition, we don’t know how small your town is, it doesn’t matter. Those days are fading away now from being ‘’exclusive’’ to only one gallery. What matters is people start seeing you exhibit; this also builds value to your portfolio and your paintings.

I can only say it from my side of view and how it worked for me, I believe it will work for you too. Acrylic pouring can seem underrated and people yet to see the enormous impact that it will have in our lives. Pouringland is growing fast and I only met kind, wonderful people like you along the way. That is why I have created this group, where you can get all information about acrylic pouring – from start to finish for FREE, how to perfect the technique, how to enhance it and how we can grow together.

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