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Art Gallery SirK

Overwhelmed by too many acrylic pouring techniques?

Fed up of wasting hours on YouTube?

My ultimate flip cup pouring guide is for you!


—> Grab The Free Guide Now


You will get:

  • My simple process checklist to get you using flip cup like a pro
  • My exact method to ensure beautiful acrylic pouring results – with cells and laces!
  • Complete clarity on materials and mixing paints
  • Troubleshooting to end headaches with:
    • Consistency
    • Getting cells
    • Cracking
    • Muddy pours
  • And the confidence to start creating your very own masterpieces!


Here’s what other new artists are saying:

“I loved your free checklist. It had all the info about what to use and how to use it. The techniques described help the novice, like me, to attempt acrylic pouring with confidence. The advice is invaluable and will help me purchase the correct items to achieve the desired and best results. Thank you.”  

Shaun Smith, Chesterfield, UK


“I love this checklist. It’s a very concise list that gives you all the information you need to get great results. It lists things I had not seen others mention, like how temperature and humidity can affect your pours.  Also, it provides details about silicone that others had failed to mention. This is the best checklist I’ve seen yet. Thank you so much!”

Jan Clark, Kentucky, US


So get your ultimate guide now before the chance has passed.

You’re ready to stop wasting time and money, and start creating show-stopping art.


—> Grab The Guide And Start Your Journey


''Back to Life'' SHOP NOW ''573 words'' SHOP NOW ''Fallen Feather'' SHOP NOW ''Insomnia'' SHOP NOW ''Pisces'' SHOP NOW ''The Climate Hat'' SHOP NOW ''Infinite Mind'' SHOP NOW ''DNA'' SHOP NOW ''Seduction'' SHOP NOW ''Rest in peace'' SHOP NOW ''Survival of the fittest'' SHOP NOW ''How many birds?'' SHOP NOW ''Gulf Stream'' SHOP NOW ''Compassion'' SHOP NOW ''Sunny night'' SHOP NOW ''Rich Fish'' SHOP NOW ''Heartbeat'' SHOP NOW


Why stand in when you were born to stand out!



Take time to do what makes your soul happy!

I’m Kristina Tonev (also known as SirK). As an acrylic pouring instructor with art exhibited in prestigious galleries around the globe, I help other artists turn their work into masterpieces. Let me help you to create art that galleries crave to have on their walls. It’s never too late to start your journey.